I just got done watching the movie “Robots”.   I’m really impressed.  At no time did I wonder “how did they animate that?”    It was seamless–just like any good performance be.

I thought that the “Shrek” movies were funny when they would bring in elements of other movies.   But, compared to “Robots” Shrek’s marionette tugs are just clumsy and daft.

In the final few scenes of Robots, they melded in so many different references that I couldn’t keep up identifying them.

The first sign that it was put together by masters was when Rodney was going into the city and the Rube Goldberg had him on one of the Magnetic Gyro Wheel toy.  That brought back wonderful memories of my grandmother’s home.   They had a big house in Grabill and in the spare bedroom they had all sorts of toys.   It just was so cool to be brought back to those days 40 years ago.

I don’t think Shrek can hold a candle to Robots.   It is much closer to the atmosphere of The Incredibles.

I went on a movie binge about a month ago.  I picked Robots out of the bottom of a clearance bin of movies.   It was at the bottom–I just reached in and pulled it out.    The first thing that struck me was that the packaging looked like a scene from The Wizard of Oz.

That same trip I also bought the movie “Ant Bully”.   I am so disappointed with Ant Bully–the animation was primitive–sharp shadows everywhere and a stupid plot line that was insulting to my intelligence.   I finally had enough and stopped it half way through.  It’s going to stay stopped there.

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I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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