An Accident


By accident, I found a companion.
I only wanted to find some peace.
My goal was to plod alone into the future.

I could avoid all of life’s distractions.
I thought solitude could let me collect my thoughts.
My path was set, and I knew the way.

Normally, I am protected by sturdy fences.
They stand tall to block out the world.
But I opened a gate and found her waiting.
She became my new friend in life.

My days before floated away to be lost.
Now I hold their message close and she smiles.

Her pleasant company brings true peace.
We live in a world full of hope and beauty.
Now she has taught me how to dance.
I invite you to join us.

W. Wayne B.
February 2011

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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1 Response to An Accident

  1. Excellent post today. I ready enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and see you around!

    Here is a great poem to check out:

    The Voice Inside Me


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