I am locked in a dark corner.
I have been looking for a way out.

My life has been difficult.
I reach a barrier everywhere I turn.
While I am alone, I lose hope.

My prayers are short.
I ask for freedom.
Soon I will escape.
Soon my life will change.

As the bonds are released I rejoice.
I have found a new freedom.
The light has begun to shine.
I take a few short steps away from the prison.
As I grow stronger, I feel a power grow.

The day has begun again.
I wait for my friends to arrive.
They have been pulling for me.
I appreciate their love.
What I knew is that they cared.
They share with me when I am down.

I am standing in the light now.

W. Wayne B.

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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