Worlds in the Sky

Can you see the worlds in the sky?
Each is a unique jewel of life.
Perhaps you will walk on one with me.
If fortune smiles, we will travel together.

My mind sees pictures of alien landscapes.
If only I could travel through my telescope.
In my heart, I am already there.

Can you see what I see up there?
Human ingenuity will reveal these points of light.
I have no helpers, but no one crushes my dreams.
If I do not dream, I will never leave.

Today I foresee success with elation.
My future is full of great things.
To me it seems very probable.

Just look at those lights above.
I will learn their mysteries soon.
If only you would join me in my quest.

W. Wayne B.

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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