Near Again

Sunrise Bird rise
How will I see another bird fly?
Their colorful feathers are gone.
A mournful call is etched in my memory.

How will I see another fish swim?
Their sparkling fins have vanished.
I see a distant splash and the ripples spread.

Soon I can enter my home.
I will turn the key confidently.
As the door opens, I might see the blinds sway.

My dreams tell me that I am not alone.
I want people to share my joy.
Although the sky is dark tonight,
I know that the sunrise is near again.

W. Wayne B.

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Reassurance when your computer is slow. Shycis shows that your mouse is not being ignored.

© 2012 W. Wayne B.
photo credit: David Young


About W. Wayne B.

I'm a software engineer, poet and maker.
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