Life Is Just a Frame of Mind

How can I pretend I don’t see what your hiding so carelessly
Life is just a frame of mind.
The edges are difficult to see.
Just beyond the picture is a world beyond.
It is a world unknown to me.

Life is just a frame of mind.
The wall behind the painting is hidden.
The past is done now—it cannot be changed.
What I remember might be different from reality.

Life is just a frame of mind.
The reviewers of the image can see the frame.
They only see a shadow of the soul within.

When I reflect on my reality, I cannot solve these riddles.
Searching for my frame distracts me from the task at hand.
My goal is to strengthen my heart’s virtues.
My mind is chained and has only one picture.
I hope to release the chains so that I may find freedom.

W. Wayne B.

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© 2012 W. Wayne B.
Photo credit: Elsie Goodman

About W. Wayne B.

I'm a software engineer, poet and maker.
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