Golden Light

Sunset Over Denver II - [EXPLORE 10-3-11 #300]
I spoke harsh words to my friend yesterday.

I hope she will talk with me soon.
I fear that I have caused her harm.

In a dream, I see a shimmering golden light.
The shadows it casts are alive.
The magic illusion helps me see the truth.

I spoke my words to her in earnest.
I cannot control her steps.
If she is gone, I can let her go in peace.
I don’t need to wait for a better day.

Now my life is full of joy.
I laugh with my friends in the park.
We are able to build each other up.
Why do I want any more?
Now I am complete again.

W. Wayne B.

© 2012 W. Wayne B.

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Photo credit Darren


About W. Wayne B.

I'm a software engineer, poet and maker.
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