Kindness, Caring, Supporting

One of the pleasurable things I can do is to be kind to the people around me. They are many ways to accomplish it. People have many different needs. When I look at them, I may think that one thing I can do will be a caring activity that will be appreciated.

Sometimes I miss the mark completely. The best thing I can do that is supporting is nothing more than just listen. I give my friend some time and it is just what she needs at that moment.

When I think of Zorro, I know that being kind includes meeting her basic needs for food, water and shelter. When I share my affection by scratching her ears or letting her rest against me, I am helping to meet needs that are more abstract.

I do what I can for my friends. As we learn more about each other, I can find new ways to be kind.

W. Wayne B.

© 2012 W. Wayne B.

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About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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