Boredom, Inactive, Undirected

Boredom is one of those topics that no one gets excited about. One of the ways I can measure my boredom is to think of something I normally enjoy. If I can’t get into it, I’m probably a little bored.

I like to keep busy. Sometimes it seems that I’m a human doing instead of a human being. It’s uncomfortable to be resting and inactive. I think I want to be productive. The branch that doesn’t bear fruit is fit for the fire, so I imagine that keeping busy will help me bear fruit.

Boredom is usually static. It’s like a hot August afternoon with no breeze and sticky humidity. Something eventually gets me to be active again. I start walking in a direction again. I regain a purpose and the boredom fades away like stale perfume.

W. Wayne B.

© 2012 W. Wayne B.

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About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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