The Wise Man

Who is like a wise man?
When difficult questions must be answered,
he chooses carefully without any prejudice.

Transformation seems to be an act of will.
It wrings out the old by bringing in the new.
Truly, the new creation is a gift.

I understand the truths of God only superficially
Their true meaning is hidden; even of a simple verse.
It is beyond the ken of high and low alike.

The wise man acknowledges his limitations.
Within him is a mirror of the outer world.
His wisdom finds the truth hidden by the lies.

Love and hope prevent my heat from growing cold.
Today, the wise man gives a clear answer.
He provides light when a shadow crosses my heart.

W. Wayne B.
Kindle poetry chapbook: Poems: Hope and Love

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© 2013 W. Wayne B.
Original image. By Justin Kern Image license

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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