A Cane

clothes hanging on a line outside a window
From the balcony of a building;
          across a canyon of the city,
          I saw beautiful clothes dancing in the wind.
Dresses and shirts fluttered in the breeze.
They were drying in the sun—
          their owners waited inside.

While I watched, one of the doors opened.
An elderly man stepped out with care.
He had an exquisite cane—
          it sparkled in the sun.

I wondered why he was there.
As he stabbed the sky, I had to laugh.
He wobbled as he leaned against the door.
The sun sparkled again and he went inside.

W. Wayne B.

New poetry book: Eyes of Hope

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© 2016 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Laundry Out the Window, Brick Building – Marbella, Spain. By Chris Goldberg [Image license]

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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