Peaceful in the Park

Willow by a pond
I sat alone in a simple park.
People wandered by and they smiled at me.
They laughed in their walk through the garden.

Beautiful flowers filled my nostrils.
Their scent brought me to a place of peace.
I looked around as the shadows flickered in my lap.

I heard the fountain’s spray.
Every moment a new drop fell.
The sound of their splashes relaxed my spirit.

I was alone here yet I was with my Creator.
I love to receive His love for this world.
I feel safe in the light as the day passes.

My goal was to relax and share my love.
What I see around me is a world of caring.
What I find next will also be good.

W. Wayne B.

Poetry book: Eyes of Hope

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© 2017 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Ducks by the Willow Tree, water reflection, serenity. By Deb Nystrom [Image license]


About W. Wayne B.

I'm a software engineer, a poet and a librarian.
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