The Magnificent Sun

Be Be, Nth Vietnam
The magnificent sun is setting.
Beautiful clouds fill the sky.
The natural world has begun a new cycle.
Tomorrow will be ready for me soon.

Simple explanations are enough for me.
The others need cryptic words to hide.
Without mysteries to unearth, they are never satisfied.
Without paradoxes to ponder, they need ever more.

The common folk reject their absurd conclusions.
They know that the simple are happy.
I just discovered the joy of progress:
Each day is a step forward along the path.

Now I have filled my life with hope.
Hard days can still come and go.
Even so, it is easy for me to prosper:
Do what’s next and stay buoyant.

W. Wayne B.

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© 2020 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Ba Be, Nth Vietnam. By Rod Waddington [Image license]

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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