To the Spirits

To the spirit of the night,
            Protect me from the evil dreams.
            Help me rest and awaken in time.
            Heal me from the wrongs I have done.
            Be with me until dawn.

To the spirit of the day,
            Guide my hand to help others.
            Show me God’s will for me this day.
            Begin my day with a breath of life.
            Show me where to turn in joy.

I am grateful for your love.
I do not always see you in my life.
When I wait in quiet patience I come closer.
Bless me with one more cycle.
Bless me with a gift each day.

William Wayne Smith

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Original image: Dark Blue Color Fairy. By Rjabinnik and Rounien [Image License]

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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