After the Journey

Today I finished the long journey.
The signs along the way gave me hope.
I’m walking today on straight paths.
My longing dreams have come true.

I can build on the foundation of my faith.
I have strengthened my commitments.
I know that I have found the way

My heart tells me that I belong where I am.
My love is strong now that I am home.

Come join me in the garden beyond the sky.

William Wayne Smith

[Support me on Patreon, repost from After the Journey] Path Less Traveled part three by Ben Image: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND-2.0

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Singing Bird

Every dream has been shattered.
I want to be free from the anguish.
As I struggle to understand,
I walk to the window and stare.

A bird was singing in the garden.
It saw my hand and flew away.
I drove away its beautiful song.
Nothing is going my way anymore.

Night is falling and I hope to rest.
I must wait for sleep to return.
Awake or not, it is hard to live here.
I hope to leave soon and be free.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] Moon by Hernán Piñera CC BY-SA 2.0

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Sand Tears

I have stumbled so many times.
My tears have dried into sand.
I won’t lose my confidence though.

I do not fear the future.
Boundless hope has never failed me.
My sadness is but for a moment.

I stand tall in the face of daunting odds.
I cannot let them defeat me.
I am stronger than you will ever know.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] Lonely Hands by Riccardo Cuppini CC: CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

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The Storm is Coming

I have seen the clouds darken
A strange haze fills the sky.

I run to the shelter
I find the others waiting.

It is supposed to be safe here
I am glad that I’m not alone.

Before the wind takes its toll,
Rustling leaves sound the alarm

Mighty trees bend in humble waves
When will the rain cleanse the dust?

The sun will rise again tomorrow.
Soon, we will see what’s left.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] There Hannes Flo [cc by-2.0]

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