The Drought

I dreamt of a burning forest.
A single spark ignited the terror.
Roaring flames consumed everything.

The hardiest trees have become brittle and dry.
The fields are brown and barren.
The wells bring forth only a trickle.

The burning sun is high above me.
Each night it sets in a cloudless sky.
My wish on the first star never changes.

Finally, there will be a storm at dusk.
As clouds fill the sky, my mood will lift.
Dare I look forward to the sunrise again?

Only then will my dreams become peaceful.
I don’t know when it will happen.
Nature is silent and gives me no clues.

William Wayne Smith


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The days make sense again

I have been running into the future,
At every turn I find new struggles.
I meet them head-on undeterred.

As I ran this endless race,
I found my true history.

My stories have been all wrong.
Every phrase had been confused.
Night might darken my vision
but I have not forgotten the sun.

William Wayne Smith

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Memories in my heart

Winter is becoming a faded memory.

Beautiful window frost
Icy branches crackling in the wind
A snow angel or two
Crunchy paths in the snowy yard

The images rest in the depths of my heart.

I was imagining a yellow kite today.
The playing child laughs as it dances in the sky.
Colorful flowers line the winding paths.
The garden is green with leaves swaying in the breeze.

These memories are yet to be born.
They might take form with the coming season.

As memories grow, they play in a formless sand.
Their steps leave footprints in my heart.
Their paces connect me with history.

William Wayne Smith

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The Night Sky

As the night sky went up,
I saw the stars start to shine.
In the dark, I don’t feel safe.
Light is a sign of the truth.

In the morning, I was waiting for hope.
The clouds revealed the sun.
I was happy for another Saturday morning.

I have some joyful times planned.
I will be seeing my family again.
We have been long apart,
but I still rejoice in our love.

William Wayne Smith

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