Light in the Darkness

The morning hours are approaching.

As I reflect on the mysteries of life, I see a spark.
Its light in the darkness brings forth a new life.
The evanescent beauty had just begun.

Each opening into the future has another trial.
Each fire purifies me and renews my heart.
I am sure of my motives but my path is unclear.
I simply desire to grow stronger.

The time to find hope is drawing near.
I am finding a simple order to my life today.

William Wayne Smith

Relight my Fire by Steve Whitmarsh CC-BY 2.0

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In This World

I don’t feel safe in this world,

There is no place to rest here.
The fading light is hiding the truth.

I thought I knew why I came,
but now I am far away.
“Never give up” rings in my ears.
I will conquer my doubts.

I still have roads to explore.

William Wayne Smith

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Image Warm Light by Kyoshi Masamune [CC-BY-NC 2.0]

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What I Need

My jacket is hanging on the wall.
I went out and saw the sunrise today.
No one remembers who I used to be.
I’m sad today but keep a good face on.

Time with you is what I need.
You could call today and I would smile.
I’m afraid again, just like before.
Could you hold my hand again?

Last week, I went to dinner with friends.
I looked and they were all laughing.
With so much love, I hoped for more.
I’m taking my walk alone tomorrow.

William Wayne Smith

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Image: just what i need by IAMAR_ [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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The People Smile

[From the archive]

I am sitting on a bench in the town’s center.
I see people smile as they walk by.

Once I sit down, I feel a breeze.

The sunlight is filtered by a tree near me.
The sun moves through the sky.
The shade I enjoy will not last long.

I feel like I am home here.
I talk to a friend about my life.
I grow in peace every day.
In time, I’ll take a new path.

William Wayne Smith

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