My Moon

My eyes lift to the sky.

As the moon rose last night,
I watched its soothing glow.

I wait for it daily.
Although it never appears the same,
I am ready for the perfect moment.

When the sky has too many clouds.
I am unable to find the light.
When my moonrise is blocked,
I am sad and lose hope for the next day.

Some days, the clouds are thin.
I see their halo around the shining lunar disk.
Its laughing man breaks through the veil of clouds.

The ancient moon is always there:
a promise for the days to come.

I dream about my chance to go.

William Wayne Smith

Photo by Drew Rae: from Pexels

Poem from Patreon

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After the Journey

Today I finished the long journey.
The signs along the way gave me hope.
I’m walking today on straight paths.
My longing dreams have come true.

I can build on the foundation of my faith.
I have strengthened my commitments.
I know that I have found the way

My heart tells me that I belong where I am.
My love is strong now that I am home.

Come join me in the garden beyond the sky.

William Wayne Smith

[Support me on Patreon, repost from After the Journey] Path Less Traveled part three by Ben Image: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND-2.0

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Singing Bird

Every dream has been shattered.
I want to be free from the anguish.
As I struggle to understand,
I walk to the window and stare.

A bird was singing in the garden.
It saw my hand and flew away.
I drove away its beautiful song.
Nothing is going my way anymore.

Night is falling and I hope to rest.
I must wait for sleep to return.
Awake or not, it is hard to live here.
I hope to leave soon and be free.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] Moon by Hernán Piñera CC BY-SA 2.0

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Sand Tears

I have stumbled so many times.
My tears have dried into sand.
I won’t lose my confidence though.

I do not fear the future.
Boundless hope has never failed me.
My sadness is but for a moment.

I stand tall in the face of daunting odds.
I cannot let them defeat me.
I am stronger than you will ever know.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] Lonely Hands by Riccardo Cuppini CC: CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

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