The Sky Smiles

I look up to the sky with thanks.

As the clouds flee from the sun,
I see a bird flying high above.

My family is very kind to me.
They say I have my grandpa’s smile.
They laugh when I tell a story.

I start to run through the cool breeze.
I speed pass the roses and lilies.
A swing is hanging from the maple.
When I turn around, I begin to laugh.

William Wayne Smith

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Image: Sunlight Comes by M.G. Kafkas on flickr. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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Far From Home

Today I am alone and far from home.
Long gone are the places I knew.
I felt safe when I was with my family.
Their generous hugs taught me love.

Finally, I have left my soul’s inner desert.
I found the way to a new safety.
I walk steadily, following the new plan.

I paused to visit a solitary tree.
I felt a powerful life force among the branches
and its deep shadow hosted a cool breeze.

As I circled the trunk, I saw a flower.
Its stems climbed the tree proudly.
I admired its tenacious hold on life.
Protected from the wind, it had found a home.

William Wayne Smith

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New Information

What more do I need to do?
I am gathering new information.
My task today is but a beginning.
I dare not wait until it’s too late.

As I find the words to use,
I strive for a better life.
I always start over when
they leave me sad and lonely.

I need to fix my broken spirit.
I am walking a narrow path.
I hope I will find many rewards.
Now, I’m ready for the future.

William Wayne Smith


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No Time for Sorrow

Walking on the blessed path,
there is no time for sorrow.
Finally, the change has come.
I’m starting a new life.
My heart is full of joy.
My mind, full of wonder.
I am ready for the journey.
I will not hold back.
My steps are steady and sure.
I know that all will be well.

William Wayne Smith


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