The Storm is Coming

I have seen the clouds darken
A strange haze fills the sky.

I run to the shelter
I find the others waiting.

It is supposed to be safe here
I am glad that I’m not alone.

Before the wind takes its toll,
Rustling leaves sound the alarm

Mighty trees bend in humble waves
When will the rain cleanse the dust?

The sun will rise again tomorrow.
Soon, we will see what’s left.

William Wayne Smith

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Love is my first inheritance,
you gave away smiles and hope.

Your dancing tongue said:

Thank you
What do you need?
Have you had enough? 

Your laughter infects my heart.
You brighten my darkest day.
I am glad that you were here.
I am glad that you let me stay.

William Wayne Smith

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As the master watches,
colorful blossoms fill the garden.

He works with his hands.
He keeps his tools sharp.
That long-ago apprentice
now teaches his lessons to me.
Every day, my wisdom grows.

In the afternoon, it is time to rest.
I have done my duties.
I have renewed my promises.

The golden crops will be ready soon.
The harvest will follow.
I will gather the grain.
I will share our bounty.

The summer stars see it all.

— William Wayne Smith

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The Dream Fades

I slept lightly as the night passed.

My bearings were lost in dreams too real.
I awoke briefly and restarted the night.

A new day will begin soon.
The sun will rise above the edge of the sky.
Stars will fade like the dreams of night.
I will open my window as the night ends.

The sound of rustling trees fills my ears.
The breeze has aromatic hints of the coming harvest.
It is summer and I long for falling leaves.

William Wayne Smith

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