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Days of Old

As I remember days of old, Their complex wisdom is confusion. I feel healthy as I sing for the day, The new century is here so I am awake. The creator has given me many chances. My mind is closed … Continue reading

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Google’s Dirty Laundry

Everyone, it seems, depends heavily on Google’s search capabilities. With just a taste of Library Science and searching for information through online catalogs and bibliographic databases, I see that Google promises more than it gives. The problem is that Google’s … Continue reading

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A Proud Tree

The tall elm tree was wide and proud. I am not alone in my memories at its feet. I still remember a very sad day. The winds were cold as the tree grew weary. Suddenly, my memories were cut short. … Continue reading

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A Morning Sun

The morning sun is rising. I wake from my slumber and live in a dream. Every moment I humbly ask for wisdom. I know how to decide. I can find the truth. I can climb life’s hillside. I have found … Continue reading

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