The Bright Sun

The shining sun woke me this morning.
I was startled by the glory of its light.

My plans today are vague.
The steps I take will be spontaneous.
I don’t need to know the future.

My visit to the square is fun.
I see the flowers full of natural beauty.

The clouds are spread above.
I see the blue and laugh.
The sun is shaded and I walk home.

William Wayne Smith

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Original Image Yosemite by Pedro Szekely [Image license]

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A New Day

The world will turn again
Each moment the angles change.
Each hour, the tide flows its way.
The birds wake up—the day rewinds.

The words float through my sleep.
Songs are all around me again.
This is my daily experience.

I remember what my friends say.
They guide me in a sleepless night.

The night is just a moment.

The beginnings will help me smile.
They create a new cycle of joy.

I say hello to the future.
Predictions are worthless.
Reality always surprises me.

After I awaken,
I reflect on my decisions.
My attitude touches the world.
Tomorrow will change today.

William Wayne Smith

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Original image: Lubitel 166. By David Clow [Image license]

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In the Torrent

I am in the middle of a river.
The chatter in my head seems silent now.
The din of rushing water is all I hear

I took this shortcut without a good reason.
I must stay alert and step carefully.
I will not let the torrent make me to stumble.

Is the trip I’m making worth the risk?
I have a lot to think about today.
I have been here before.

Will I repeat my past failures?
I could jump into to the river of imagination.
The lands of fantasy might be fun.

As I leave the river, I reflect carefully.
My steps seem to have a purpose now.
I am on the other side of dangerous thoughts.

William Wayne Smith

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Original Image torrents by Bryan Alexander [Image license]

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Better Times

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Better Times

Finally, we had some rain.
But the river is still low.
I hope the drought fades soon.
The harvest this year is critical.

The thirsty crops show they’re stressed.
The fields are waiting for better times.
Just as your parting words warned me,
I can’t give anyone else what they need.

We have been apart for years.
I barely remember your precious accent.
The nights alone have felt odd without you.
I weep when I remember why you left.

There was a desert in your heart.
I couldn’t see how I was draining you.
You would grow silent and look away.
I didn’t know you needed more.

William Wayne Smith

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