Green paperclipSometimes life is fun. You have someone or something to fight against. One can find a passion that feels like life itself. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Sometimes life is painful. You have a problem too large. One finds that what you want is not what you need. If only tomorrow was already over.

Sometimes life is aggravating. You can’t find the last puzzle piece. One has never been able to get it done. If only tomorrow would never come.

Sometimes life is saddening. You have lost your best part. One can’t see the parts that are still there. If only it were yesterday again.

Sometimes life is exhilarating. You’ve got life by the balls. One can see the next big thing. If only I knew that yesterday.

Sometimes life is confusing.

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Near the River

There is a silent village near the river
It flowers with a beautiful people
The summer sun shares its bounty
Their nature grows pure and strong

This river flows from distant mountains
Its clear water teems with watery life
The fishermen pursue them every day
A life of joy is their only mission.

Summer blends to autumn again
A quiet evening binds them with hope
The harvest has defeated winter again
United in joy, united in love.

But now, this brilliant town has been lost.
Only the idea of glowing beauty is left
However, my heart knows that happy village
Its memory pursues my soul into tomorrow.

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Dangerous times

We live in dangerous times
Every power has secret weapons
The enemies around them have even more
But the kings of hope see another way

Their hearts do not waver.
Their eyes see a world of light
Their feet visit the lonely shadows
Their keys lock the doors of darkness

Hope’s love flies beneath the stars
It lifts the weakest sparrow high
It brings every long day to a close
It is patient, silent and stern

My sorrow never loses its hope
It loves the ones it cannot see
Whenever the dove awakens a sparrow,
They watch the night flee together

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Thoughts of Love

My nights are filled with thoughts of love —
         — love above the mountains
         — love beneath the sea
         — love beyond the stars

But, by morning, every dream has fled —
         — fled into the sighs of an enchanted dove
         — fled into the shadows that a cloud had left behind
         — fled into the evanescent fragrances of the mist

One day I had visited your garden.
My nights were like roses along the path.
Their blossoms held dreams that had escaped.
Each petal retrieved a faraway thought.

If only you could come to the gate.
I would offer my bountiful love to you.
I would never need to dream again.
If only I could see you smile one more time.

W. Wayne B.

Poetry book: Eyes of Hope

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Cold Nights

Aurora Borealis in Iceland
Cold nights in Chicago
begin with a sunny day.

Nome cold nights
follow a blizzard.

A cold Andean night
begins with the whistling wind.

Cold nights–never the same.
Each place has its own magic.

W. Wayne B.

Poetry book: Eyes of Hope

Follow me on Twitter: @wsmith1989

© 2017 W. Wayne B.
Original image: When the sky sings. By Sathish J [Image license]

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Toward the goal

Lesser Striped Swallow Cecropis abyssinica unitatis
How does a bird
signal to the flock
the path towards their goal?

Am I going forward
as my life tracks its course
of constant motion?

I talk to the walls.
The silently embrace my voice.
When I talk to a friend,
my words fall away.

Tomorrow I will be another day older.
I will show my independence and walk
as they all run ahead.

The parts of my life
have been reconnected again.
The moment I change one thing,
reality adapts to my new plan.

W. Wayne B.

Poetry book: Eyes of Hope

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© 2017 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Lesser Striped Swallow Cecropis abyssinica unitatis. By Nik Borrow [Image license]

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The glowing moon
I am watching the afternoon pass by.
My sisters are here and we laugh.

I have had a day full of joy.

The drifting clouds are darkening.
The full moon will be setting soon.
I am ready to rest tonight.

Every morning, I refill my lamp.
I share my inner glow with them all.
Our love increases, filling the gaps.
We come together again and again.

W. Wayne B.

Poetry book: Eyes of Hope

Follow me on Twitter: @wsmith1989

© 2017 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Satellite. By Luis Miguel Justino [Image license]

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