Love is my first inheritance,
you gave away smiles and hope.

Your dancing tongue said:

Thank you
What do you need?
Have you had enough? 

Your laughter infects my heart.
You brighten my darkest day.
I am glad that you were here.
I am glad that you let me stay.

William Wayne Smith

[Patreon] Her First Tag Brian Wolfe [cc:by-nc 2.0]

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As the master watches,
colorful blossoms fill the garden.

He works with his hands.
He keeps his tools sharp.
That long-ago apprentice
now teaches his lessons to me.
Every day, my wisdom grows.

In the afternoon, it is time to rest.
I have done my duties.
I have renewed my promises.

The golden crops will be ready soon.
The harvest will follow.
I will gather the grain.
I will share our bounty.

The summer stars see it all.

— William Wayne Smith

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The Dream Fades

I slept lightly as the night passed.

My bearings were lost in dreams too real.
I awoke briefly and restarted the night.

A new day will begin soon.
The sun will rise above the edge of the sky.
Stars will fade like the dreams of night.
I will open my window as the night ends.

The sound of rustling trees fills my ears.
The breeze has aromatic hints of the coming harvest.
It is summer and I long for falling leaves.

William Wayne Smith

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The Carnival

I’m walking through the carnival.
The lights are too bright.
The calliope is too loud.
Clouds of smoke float by.

I hold my head high.
The night is not old yet.
Now that the sky is dark,
I can see the fireworks sparkle.

I hear smooth music start.
A running crowd draws near.
I follow the strange people.
Then I see an old friend.

My loneliness fades away quickly.
I speak to my companion.
We return to the carnival.
I’m keeping my plans open.

William Wayne Smith

The Grand Damme by Poppy (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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