Low, Near the Horizon

Low, near the horizon,
I see a magnificent eagle.
It is my steadfast sentinel.
It shows me my path.

From a long-gone voice,
words echo in my soul.
Their tones recall a pure love.
Their accent lifts my heart.

I am climbing the last range.
I walk alone yet will stay strong.
My heart runs ahead today.
Can I share my echoes with you?

When I reach the end of the world,
I will know that I have followed the path.
I will see the eagle above me.
I will fill my heart with love.

William Wayne Smith

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Image from Pexels by Tyler Lastovich

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Stride the ethereal trail
A path high above the mighty
They will not see us here
They are looking for the dregs

Do not be afraid
We are safe

I walk with you today
I hold your hand tightly
I keep you near me

We only need a few more days

William Wayne Smith

Photo by Vanessa Garcia

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My Moon

My eyes lift to the sky.

As the moon rose last night,
I watched its soothing glow.

I wait for it daily.
Although it never appears the same,
I am ready for the perfect moment.

When the sky has too many clouds.
I am unable to find the light.
When my moonrise is blocked,
I am sad and lose hope for the next day.

Some days, the clouds are thin.
I see their halo around the shining lunar disk.
Its laughing man breaks through the veil of clouds.

The ancient moon is always there:
a promise for the days to come.

I dream about my chance to go.

William Wayne Smith

Photo by Drew Rae: from Pexels

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After the Journey

Today I finished the long journey.
The signs along the way gave me hope.
I’m walking today on straight paths.
My longing dreams have come true.

I can build on the foundation of my faith.
I have strengthened my commitments.
I know that I have found the way

My heart tells me that I belong where I am.
My love is strong now that I am home.

Come join me in the garden beyond the sky.

William Wayne Smith

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Flickr.com Path Less Traveled part three by Ben Image: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND-2.0

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