Comet ISON Streaks Toward the Sun (NASA, Marshall, 11/19/13)
Before the sun began to shine,
I felt the warmth of your love.

Before the moon spun round,
I enjoyed your glowing smile.

Before the oceans were filled,
You dried my silent tears.

Before the mountains rose up tall,
I was protected in your shadow.

Before the ancient forests grew,
I slept in the glade of your love.

Before any of the busy forms of today,
I lived a life full of peace.
I remember your plans for me.
Your mysteries fill me with hope.

W. Wayne B.

New poetry book: Eyes of Hope

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© 2015 W. Wayne B.
Original image: Comet ISON Streaks Toward the Sun (NASA, Marshall, 11/19/13). By NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center [Image license] (Image rotated)

About William Wayne Smith

I'm a poet, library fan and maker.
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