Falling Asleep

[From the archive]

The monitor glowed blue.
I was lost in meditation today.
As the images aged, I grew tired.

Every day I take my seat.
In the moments of love, I smile.
I am captivated by my friends online.

As I grow tired I fade away.
My keypresses grow slower and slower.
My eyelids droop and I head for sleep.

I will be happy to wake tomorrow.
As I start to rise I will remember your love.
You fill me with peace.
You bring new hope to my life.

Lately I have not been able to sleep well.
My mind churns with thoughts of anticipation.
I wait for that day to arrive.
I hope I can rest softly with you.

Once I awaken, I will head to work.
I enjoy my job and I walk home late.
I have never been ashamed for I do my best.

William Wayne Smith

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